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Youth group shares faith, sustainable living | Camp Verde Bugle … – Camp Verde Bugle

IMG 1 TT HTAG 1 TTLet’s get this out of the way: I’m a procrastinator. It’s likely you are too.HETAG 1 TT

There’s nothing I enjoy more than writing — OK, sleeping is a close second — but when I open a new Word document to type out a story, I immediately begin to think about things that I would much rather be doing right now. You know, like washing every dish in the house or find just how many YouTube videos I can watch in an hour.

— Rae Sanni (@ raesanni) March 18, 2018 DTAG 4 TTDTAG 5 TTDTAG 6 TT
RTAG 4 TT”Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, buying shit on Amazon”
— Eden Dranger (@ Eden_Eats) March 22, 2018 DTAG 7 TTDTAG 8 TTDTAG 9 TT RTAG 5 TT10: 00 – defined my alarm to write for one hour.
10: 12 – stopped writing to check Twitter.10: 28 – started writing again.
10: 53 – stopped writing to check Twitter.
I’ll try again at 11. Or 12. #writerslife
Camp Verde Bugle

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So You Want To Raise Chickens

Have you ever dreamed of caring for your own chickens? Would you like a great source of free, fresh, organic eggs? Do you like do-it-yourself projects?

You should consider building your own chicken coop with these ready-made easy to follow plans!

Whether you already have chickens and just need a better way to keep them, or even if it’s something you’ve never considered before, you’ll be amazed how easy and affordable it can be to build your own chicken coop!

It may seem like a complicated project, but luckily for you, you don’t have to suffer through the headaches of working out dimensions, materials, insulation, ventilation, lighting, and all of the other details. Not to mention reading multiple books and resources to try and learn how to care for the chickens, how to feed them and how to get the best quality eggs.

Introducing “Building a Chicken Coop” by Bill Keene. This book is full of simple do-it-yourself plans to allow you to build an affordable chicken coop on time, on budget with little waste. joe cettina

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